Jeremy Wolgamott

Executive Chef
Bistro Vendôme

Three consecutive hurricane years in Louisiana blew Jeremy Wolgamott and his family back to Denver after 13 years in New Orleans and Denver diners are happy they did.

Born in Alaska, raised in Denver and Southern Louisiana, Jeremy started cooking professionally when he was 16, and just never left the business, cooking in everything from small mom and pop hole-in-the walls to two star Michelin kitchens.

From a six-year stint as Executive Chef at High Hat Café in NOLA where he honed his cooking style and philosophies to ownership of Stokehold, also in New Orleans and then on to a tour as Executive Chef at Coquette, Jeremy’s career flourished as he moved up the culinary ladder and assumed greater responsibilities. But in the back of his mind, Denver always beckoned and three years of hurricanes sealed the deal to return to the Mile High City.

Forged over many years in the restaurant world, his kitchen philosophy is simple – be on time, work hard, have fun, sing out loud, choose to be in a good mood. If you stop by to see him in the Bistro Vendôme kitchen, you’ll hear a playlist that he and his wife put together over a bottle of bourbon with more than one hundred 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s love songs. It is named Cooking WIth Love.

A big fan of Alain Passard, Fergus Henderson and Joël Robuchon, Jeremy can often be found in any greasy spoon where he can find a great chicken fried steak.

Wolgamott, his wife and son, live in Old Town Arvada with their dog and cat.